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Rapped in patriotism

My stepdad Todd showed me a pic of my girl Sarah in a flag bikini today.  He says its not real but hes dumb and doenst know things like I know things.  Of course its real, its a pic how is that not real?  Sometimes peeps are so dumb it hurts.  I cant wait for Thicket to be born and wear a flag bikini.  That will show how much we both luv our gurl Sarah Palin.

And when Thicket is older shes gunna have a good rack like me and our future president Palin. I’m gunna send a pic of Thicket in a flag bikini to Prezident Palin and I bet shell love it to much she will want to be Thicket’s godmother.  Which is real good cuz that way my boring Ant Stacie won’t be the godmother.  She is no example for my baby.  I want Thicket to grow up and have lots and lots of boyfriends.  Ant Stacie never haz had a boyfriend.

I bet Prezident Palin had lots of boyfriends cuz shes got a lot of babies.  I just luv her and her babies so much.  With Sarah as prezident my baby Thicket will be able to grow up knowing she will be a prezident too.  That is why I luv Sarah Palin so much.  Shes helping teen moms raise up some good kids.

Voting is hawt

Here are some voting tips for teen moms.
1.  If your preggers, you get front of the line privledges, just like six flags.  When you get to your poleing place, just find someone old with a nametag and demand your line pass.  It will be like a sticker or something.
2.  Bring your drivers lincense.  If your a lisensed driver, they have to let you vote.  Its in the constitution or something.
3.  Bring a bunch of BFFs and form a prayer circle around your voting booth.  This is the most scientifictily proven way to insure the machine wont have a liberal bias.
This will be my first time voting for prez, but I allready have lots of great ideas on how to make voting even awesomer.  I think voting should be by text message, like on American Idol.  That way you could vote a bunch of times as long as you have unlimited texts, which everyone should have anyways.  It makes since to me becuz its worked so far on idol and the best people always win that show.
They should just make it a law that everyone has to have a cell phone and carry it all the time even tho having a cell phone number is probably having the mark of the beast like in Revilations its really imposible to get buy without a cell phone these days what with the internet and all.
Voting is pretty important and anything that’s important should be easy to!  This might be hard for old people, but they don’t have fresh young ideas like me and my girl Govoner Sarah Palin.

This elections important girlz and heres why so you can know and tell all your teen mom friends okay??


1. Fashion since

Isnt it time for us to have a prez that’s totally hawt??? Its just important to me for are prez to be seen wearing a Valentino jacket and Naughty Monkey shoes and not a dorky JCPenny suit and some stupid boring loafers.  I mean how can we have respect for are prez if they dont look cute?


2. Like the economics or something, duh

My asshole stepdad Todd keeps bitching about how times are hard and I need to quit maxing out my credit cards and his bank quit extending him a line of coke or something and blah blah blah blah.  So I guess times or tuff or something and so we need some1 who can fix things.  I think Sarah Palin knows how good getting knocked up can be for the economy I guess thats why shes done it so many times and taut her daughter to 2. If girls get pregnant I guess the goverment has to pay them money witch I didnt know about but totally rocks.  Score!  And if the goverment is paying more girls money for there babies then I guess that helps the economics.


3. Education

Sarah Palin will fix are education systemic even if she has to homeschool ever kid herself.  Todd keeps saying theres no way my school would ever let me keep cheerleeding even tho I’m preggers if it wasnt for all that money he pays them in tuition.  Why is it fare for Todd to have to pay so that I don’t have to go to school with poor people even if hes an asshole? Shouldnt the goverment pay for it or something and give Todd a break so he’ll get off my case and just hand over the AMEX when I need to unwind at the mall???  She’ll also get rid of all those stupid science classes where they try to teach us we came from apes or something I mean arent there asian kids that can do the science for us?  Sarah pay for these reform by getting rid of that gross sex ed class.  I mean OBVIOUSLY her daughter didnt need it and seriously who wants to see there gym coach pointing to a schlong diagram?!?!? I think Sarah can agree that girlz can just learn about sex in the backseat of a 96 Camaro like I did.


4. Supream court

So apparently theres this group of old men and lesbians that think they have a say in what I can do with my body. Dont they know thats no one’s bizness but my parents?!?!?!!  When Sarah’s prez she’ll make sure that group doesnt force me to go to school with poor black kids or extend the choice I had to other girls.


5. Health care 

So that like all the teen moms like me don’t have to pay for their baby but I dont wanna have to wait around in some icky waiting room with a bunch of poor people or make pharmacysts give out prenatal pills that make girlz not pregnant anymore but only for those that can pay for it.  And free lipo.

Road 2 Victry

Are girl Sarah’s gonna be speaking at some events soon so we need to get out and show her how much we support her and stuff you know.  Print out a rally sign and get your baby daddy to drive you down to one of these event.

  • 10/13 – Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virgina Beach VA – 10:00 AM
  • 10/13 – Richmond International Raceway, Richmund VA – 2:00 PM
  • 10/14 – Riverfront Sports Complex, Scanton PA – 11:00 AM

We wanna see you at these events. If you go and wave your banner and stuff send us a picture to rallypics at  We’ll post them on the site to offer more teen moms that Sarah Palin kicks ass!!!!

My parents are so dumb! They made me stay home last night. Which is like soo stupid and mean of them. Saturday nights are when girls like me go out and partayy! I thank Jesus in my prayers every night that I got preggers with my baby Thicket at that party on a Saturday night. But my doctor said it could have been some of the other party nights I was at. But I’m not listenin to that stupid doctor because I saw an Obama sticker in her office. Doesn’t she understand Obama will let people kill babies like my Thicket. She’s so dumb!! Just to piss her off I don’t take those dumb pregger pills she gave me. They are big and make me gag. I don’t like to gag that way!

I was home in my room hating my mom and stupid stepdad watching my tv. All my chanels had none of my shows on so I was changing channels and saw my girl Sarah on CNN, that news show old people watch. I only watched it cuz my future prez was on. I think it was called Sarah Palin Revealed. I can’t member that well cuz I had was drinking warm beer I stoled from my stepdad. Todd dezerves it cuz I can’t buy beer without those credit cards they took away.

The show was real good!! I like the part best when they showed that one pix of her with a flag all wrapped around her. I want to get a poster of that for my room. That would show how much I love her. I cant wait for November to vote for her!! But what I waz going to say waz that even that dumb old people show nows that Sarah Palin is the next prez. I know cuz they only showed that old other guy for like one sec. I always hear people saying the news people are ruining the world and stuff. But I think they are smart cuz they know Sarah Palin is going to be a good president and stuff ☺!!!

Go Sarah Palin!!!! Us moms and babies luv you tons!!!!

Just shut up about this stupid trooper scandul allready. Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if some panel said she done wrong. Their not the boss of her. She doesnt have to do what they say. Stop treating her like a kid!!! She’s and adult and should be treated like an adult. SHE DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE THIS!!!!!!

Shouldn’t a mom be able to fire her daughters boyfriends if she wants?!?  I know my mom would totally fire my baby daddy if she could.  I mean seriously didn’t we like fight a war at Watergate or something in the 1970s so that presidents could do whatever they want?!??

We’ve been getting some great emails from our readers. I’ve decided to post the emails an my replies on the new Love Notes page. I wanna hear from you girls keep sending those emails and Ill be sure to post them.

So she wasnt good at her SAT

Man starting this internet group has turned out to be a lotta work!! There so many myths running around about Sarah Palin that I can barely keep up. Come on people! Its hard for a girl like me to keep all of her obligasions like cheerleader practice, shopping with her girlz, Bible study, OB appointments AND blogging. You people need to stop digging up dirt about my girl Sarah Palin. Low SAT scores or not she’s gonna be a super-awesome presedent!!!!

Who says you have to be good in english and math and history to be a good prez?

I’m not allowed in class with the rest of the kids ever since my little mistake from God has gotten more obvious.  I supposed to stay in “study hall” where the principle can keep his creepy eye on me.  You know I like wearing short skirts and half shirts when I’m going out but its kinda weird that I’m supposed to where them as part of my punishment for getting into a trouble.  So it didnt take me long to realize that being knocked ups a great excuse for skipping school.  I’m just been hanging out at home or at the mall until cheerleader practice every day.  Sure the uniforms getting a little tight and my ariels are getting harder to land but it was totally worth that lawsuit.

So since Sarah Palins been so successful even tho she sucked at school I’m just not gonna worry about it anymore.  I’m just gonna focus my energys on supporting Sarah Palin for prez.  Maybe if I get enough teen moms to support her she’ll get me a cush job in the cabinet or something?  Ambassader of Style!!!!  I like the sound of that.

New York county printed “Barack Osama” on there election ballots.  Is this a coincidense?  Maybe so maybe not.  Doesn’t this just make it clear that we all need to vote for Sarah Palin to make sure are babies stay safe?  I don’t want to live in a country led by the guy that partnered with Saddam Hussein to bomb New York on 9/11.

If we go an elect Barack Osama as prez what’s next?  Is my little Thicket gonna be taught in school that evolution is for realz, that man and dinosaurs didn’t live together in harmony in the Garden of Edin?  I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like America to me.

I don’t know why people are all hot and bothered about Sarah Palin slashing funds for teenage moms.  Seriously, she cut money for like a food bank or something.  I mean, seriously??? I’m supposed to take my baby to some food bank and stand in line with homeless people??!?  Whatever. 

My mom and asshole stepdad Todd were pissed when I told them I was pregnant.  I told them 2bad get used to it cuz your gonna be grandparents in a few weeks.  They threatened to turn off my credit cards and I was like all no way!  So I called my dad and he acted all weird.  I guess he feels guilty or something for leaving me and my mom and brothers and sisters 6 years ago to marry his new wife.  I think he wuz kinda pissed at me too but didnt say anything cause he know I won’t talk to his ass even if he pays my car payment and gives me a gold Visa. So anyways he got all quiet and handed the phone to Mitzy my stepmom.  At first I thought she was a bitch but ever since she finished high school a few years ago shes’ gotten totally chill and we’ve gotten close.  I think she’s barren or something so she invited me to move in with them.  Its great for me because whenever Thicket wont stop crying or is all stinky and I just can’t deal I can hand her to Mitzy and go hang at the mall.

So quit whining about Sarah Palin cutting funding for teenage moms.  They can just get help from their parents.  Or better yet those poor people can just keep there legs closed.  I mean poor people sex??? Seriously, ewwwwww!!!!

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